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Jiangsu Sanling Abrasive Co., Ltd.
Address: Environmental protection industrial park by three road on the 18th, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
Post Code:224003
Sales head office:
General manager office:
Overseas Division:
Netword The current position: Jiangsu Sanling Abrasive Co., Ltd. >> Netword
Supplying best products and perfect service for the society is Sanling people¡¯s achievement. We set up sales offices all around China such as Canton, zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Shandong, Chengdu, Shenyang etc. Sales system covers about 100 cities of China, and sets up a center of Market¡¯s Information Feedback, in order to supply clients perfect service.
  Department Contact Person Telephone
Foreign trade business department Foreign trade business
Xiang Zhou +086-18205108950
South China Fo Shan Aihua Xiao +086-0757-23376369,+086-15015881377
Dong Wan Jinliang Zhang +086-0769-85753936£¬+086-13313758030
Fu Zhou Jinliang Zhang +086-0591-22157195 +086-13313758030
East China Cheng Du Changlin Chen +086-13308098517 +086-0515-3022870
Wu Xi Tao Chen +086-13705109016
Hang Zhou Zhanwen Wang +086-0571-86576656 +086-13757127830
Shang Hai Bin Cheng +086-13905107162
North China Zhen Zhou Yibin Xiong +086-0371-67665059£¬+086-13607665030£¬+086-13961935353
Shen Yang Sulong Liu +086-024-88209920£¬+086-13591606708
Tian Jin Yulu Shen +086-022-26796146 +086-13602078530
Shan Dong

Yisheng Liu

+086-0539-8338197 +086-13605101115

¡ù¡¡Your suggestions will become our future improvements . Only with your concerns and help , we can grow and get stronger . And we treasure all your comments and support . We are looking forward to working with you as a good business partner , agent or distributors and to share the success in business .
¡¡¡¡Please feel free to contact us. Tel: +86 515 88561978¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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Address: Environmental protection industrial park by three road on the 18th, Yancheng
Sales Corporation :+86-0515-68603077
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