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Out of haier see mitsubishi

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"In the study progress, in innovation development". This is one of the years abide by mitsubishi creed. The beginning of the year, the board of directors of the company mitsubishi put forward "go out and find gap, to world-class famous brand enterprise learning" call, the move up and down the company got the response, August 29, 2011-September 7,, mitsubishi company organized three shipments in the past three years, ShuangShiJia, pacesetter, middle above more than 70 cadres to Qingdao haier visit study, the activities to mitsubishi raised the learning and innovation of the boom, they are learning experience at a deep feeling what speech...

The level of development from the level of the decision. The success of haier tell mitsubishi, only insistence on the long-term vision, be no first class as a high starting point to grasp, to change the development vision, increase brand awareness, can we always retain, and made steady current advanced.

The decision-making process. In fact, it is further understanding, mitsubishi clear responsibility of the process. PanHongJun chairman in haier learning experiences speech communicate meeting said: mitsubishi positioning coordinate has two, one is the strategic positioning. Coastal development to adapt to the national strategy, and the third factory to make industry mitsubishi first-class benchmarking; 2 it is objective orientation. Total economic output doubled again, reaching the 2 billion new step. In the past two years, the mitsubishi in technical renovation spending nearly 400 million yuan, in jiangsu yancheng environmental protection industrial park 230 mu land expropriation third plant construction and create the first-class coated with abrasive r&d center and industrial base, built the new factory of 80000 M2. The scale of the grand, verve, it is to adapt to the need of the development strategy of the coastal state, construction at first we high localization planning, high starting point, high standard construction development, both road, greening projects, or enterprise internal factory building, wall design, is full of modern high-tech enterprise color. Some say, haier design concept is the most advanced, the production of products are also the world class. Haier's walk to the forefront of the world, and he is the design concept of the relationship. Mitsubishi in new 80000 M2 plant in, in all reserve eight production line, this year planning the three production lines, have two production lines according to the advantage of the German lines in combination, than Germany original line and the scientific, reasonable and easier to operate. At present already two production lines into full load operation, article 3 production lines will also in October the pilot run. Through the haier after study, mitsubishi decision-making more definite direction, mitsubishi's development speed quietly, with an annual three line of development speed is converted to mitsubishi effect, mitsubishi people will continuously break capacity of 1 billion, 1.5 billion... The amazing data, on 2 billion new steps.

The power source of the development of a new energy. The success of haier tell mitsubishi, only insistence on the emancipating the mind, renew the idea as a large task to grasp, focus on the break thinking bottleneck, clear idea barriers to crack problem, to promote the development.

Enterprise development to a certain stage must carry out the independent innovation, this is a law of development. Haier is an innovative enterprise, in the innovation of haier piece in, everyone know such a small story: haier commentator of backsliding that solution won the haier's innovation awards. Commentator face the audience interpretation backward, both out of politeness, more voice clear effect. It is for this small story and inspired mitsubishi full innovation consciousness.

Learning haier, learn??????? The profession is different, the goal is different, but the concept of innovation is applicable to different time, in different industries, this is the eternal truth. In talking about innovation this question, PanHongJun chairman said: the mitsubishi need most is innovation, especially in technical innovation. Like mitsubishi has got this position, to a total such scale, if not in technology continuous innovation of words, make again big also useless. Mitsubishi running the new production line, no longer manufacture traditional K51 products, but production to PZ533 and XA310, as a representative of the used for stainless steel coarse grinding and common metal products; To XA430, JA636 products as a representative for printed circuit board polishing and stainless steel wire products; To YC441, YA140, as a representative of the high density plank product. All the production of products will not simply make the increased amount of, but realize quality, keep the technical innovation on the enterprise bigger and stronger. 2010 new products to create the benefit of the mitsubishi accounted for more than 50% of the company.

Innovation will to the higher goal challenge. Mitsubishi people continues to high-end products, especially in the similar foreign advanced product has pointed to research to grind metals, grinding circuit board of high-end products for the development in the future, accelerate development and extension. Mitsubishi development at present two of zirconium corundum product, its quality is stable performance in the same products abroad ninety percent the left and right sides, already close to the advanced level of the same products abroad; With zirconium corundum abrasive production two of pages of products, one is the blending cloth, one is pure cotton cloth, represent the industry's most advanced level. In addition, piling up abrasive products are under development. Now the sand with mitsubishi, such as cutting edge.if you new products have successfully entered into the auto, wind power, big planes as these high-end application fields. The patent has already declared projects up to 25, with 5 items as completely independent intellectual property rights.

The quality of development from the quality of the service. The success of haier tell mitsubishi, only always adhere to the client as from already the lifeline to grasp, focus on the perfect service system, and actively help customers solve problems and to refresh rate, walk at the forefront.

Learning haier, square know the secret of customer service: customers regardless of size, as long as the question, can solve 100% and satisfaction, especially help customers personalized design products, do on demand.

Out of haier, mitsubishi the personalized design and service products in the outstanding position. Mitsubishi third r&d center of the factory is in accordance with international advanced, the domestic first-class standard design, focusing on the test and development function, put all the raw material and product testing all into in, according to the standard of instrument equipment to preparation. First, for all the raw material for testing, raw material can not reach the technical requirements, the product quality assures hard; Second, to all products detection. For instance, in the sand belts made for testing, grinding metal products, how many grams grinding must have test. Third, is designed according to the requirements of the clients products to meet customer demand. At present the product supply mitsubishi, holds a large amount of orders, mostly according to customer requirements of personalized design products, haier people could do, mitsubishi people must also is able to do it.

Mitsubishi people attaches importance to product quality, customer opinion. Haier was originally from 1985 in to 76 in the quality problem smashed up the washing machine start, a hammer ZaXing haier man, hit out of the quality consciousness. Now in the country areas of the mitsubishi, sales offices are equipped with some customer service staff, collect customers' opinions, and timely feedback to the company's research and development center, in the first moment in help customers solve problems. In mitsubishi, "to ensure stability, and strive to improve, adapt to the market, customer satisfaction," the quality policy of ten mantra, already by a service concepts into service brand, widely circulated among the customers.

Haier learning trip to mitsubishi brought in The road of innovation, still a long xi, mitsubishi people will continuously pursue and explore!

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