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Address: Environmental protection industrial park by three road on the 18th, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China
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Jiangsu mitsubishi shares (group) the company 2010 annual summary commendation congress is held ceremoniously

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In January 28, 2011 8:00 a.m. the whole, jiangsu mitsubishi shares (group) company in the third floor of the meeting abrasive held a grand 2010 annual summary commendation congress. Congress listened to the shares (group) the company's President GongLin song comrade of titled "realize collectivization, open new journey, as' 1025 'drive good innings but work hard to struggle" the work report of the meeting to eight pacesetter, ShuangShiJia workers in recognition, and also the scene of prize, awarded the project to reduce fuel energy saving prize, the patent award and major small leather award, and then has four departments for the statement to speak, the meeting also approved the company "1025" development planning and enterprise operation and reform Suggestions finally PanHongJun chairman comrade has given the important speech. Chairman pan that in 2011, the group experimental run operation procedure, for enterprise development and and to lay solid foundation. He stressed that 1025 final, manufacture and marketing to ensure that double, double ten to, strive to quadruple, with up to 2 billion. He asked to WuZhen realistic, and efforts to foster a style of excellent mitsubishi team.

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Address: Environmental protection industrial park by three road on the 18th, Yancheng
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